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26. Jun, 2011

I Just Buried My Faithful Companions

It was a somber moment as I opened the garbage can and deposited my two faithful companions. I’m usually not the kind of guy who gets attached to material possessions. But for this pair of New Balance tennis shoes, I’ve made a colossal exception.


I wish I had video footage of the day I went shopping for them. I needed a pair of all-purpose tennis shoes to take to New Zealand with me. The goal was to pack very light and take only what was crucial. One pair of shoes would have to stand the test of all my adventures. I debated for almost an hour over which pair to buy. This was a big decision! Should I get the sweet pair of Nike’s with the white stripe on the bottom, or should I go for the more functional New Balance pair that wasn’t as attractive?

I tried them both on multiple times and had almost decided on the Nike’s. Just then, I gave in to my conservative side and chose the New Balance pair instead. And the verdict was….

These shoes went with me all the way across the Pacific Ocean. They walked around Fiji with me. They climbed mountains and waded through rivers with me in New Zealand. They went running along the beach with me in Australia. They even spent their last days doing yard work around Grandma and Grandpa’s house with me, despite having huge holes from all their faithful service. In all, they’ve lasted nearly 9 months of everyday use!


It may sound like I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, but I couldn’t have made it without my shoes. I’m so glad I didn’t give in and buy the pair of Nike’s. Nothing against Nike, but that pair would have fallen apart in the first month. I chose “function over fashion” as it were, and hindsight says it was the right decision.

With great remorse, I bid them adieu. Gone, but never forgotten.

08. Oct, 2010



You know that feeling you get when you wake up morning after something amazing has happened in your life? It could be a promotion at work, a new relationship, or maybe a big win for your favorite sports team(sorry about the Twins, Casey). As reality hits your conscious mind, your first thought is, “Darnit, it was just a dream!” And then you realize: this isn’t a dream at all, it’s really happening! I love this line from Switchfoot’s song, “Awakening”:

These dreams started singing to me out of nowhere
and in all my life
I don’t know if I’ve ever felt so alive!

Already, this experience has been my awakening. I really never have felt so alive. I feel like this is what I was made for.

Many people have asked me along the way, “Are you scared?” I suppose, given the circumstances of my life at the moment, that perhaps a little fear would be healthy. But the strangest thing is that instead of fear, I have had such peace about this trip since the day I made my decision to go. That peace has magnified since I landed here in New Zealand. Sarah M., I can still see your smiling face, and Kendra, I can still see your outstretched hands as we sang with all our might,

Oh my God
He will not delay
My Refuge and Strength

I will not fear
His promise is true
My God will come through


I have had the chance to lean on that promise during this season of my life. Wouldn’t you know, instead of falling over, I have seen and felt God lift me up even higher than I was before. What an incredible revelation! True, I have had remarkable favor in my journey so far. I credit this to none other than my Heavenly Father. And while I know that things will not always be easy and fall right into place, I do know that through it all, He will remain faithful. That, my friends, is all I need. Somehow I just know, my God will come through. Always.